About Us

In the winter of 2008, Hello Bicycle was founded with the mission to bring Seattle a bicycle shop that could meet the needs of the diverse ridership in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. Since that day, the location has changed, but our outlook regarding the rider has not. We strive to help, educate, and encourage riders from all skill levels and backgrounds while approaching every encounter with openness and compassion.

Drawing inspiration from this history, Hello Bicycle has added a cafe. This cafe holds to the Hello Bicycle ideal of openness and compassion while adding new experiences like art shows, coffee tastings, and community events. Hello Bicycle & Cafe is the most recent metamorphosis of an idea that started with a desire to create space for the individual.

One of Hello Bicycle's earliest volunteers, Sam has seen every iteration of Hello Bicycle through its years of development. In 2018 he purchased the business and is committed to delivering the highest level of customer experience and detail-oriented bicycle repair.

  • Founding member of NAU Yellow Bike Program

  • UBI Certified Technician

  • UBI Certified Suspension Technician

  • USA Cycling Certified Race Mechanic

  • Complete Shimano s-tec Certification

  • PBMA member

When he's not at the shop he can be found playing music at high volumes at various local music venues so if he asks you to repeat yourself, it's nothing personal, he just may have had a gig the night before.