Bicycles need service. It's as simple as that. At Hello Bicycle we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service with a focus on detail and individually tailored service packages. Because your bicycle is just that, it's yours, and we want to ensure that it performs to your expectations.

Never hesitate to come in and speak with one of our technicians about your bicycle repair needs, we are available any time to provide you with an estimate of the repairs needed and the required time frame. If you need your bicycle on a consistent basis, we can also schedule an appointment for your bicycle repairs with a 24 hour turn around (appointments require a 50% non refundable deposit and an inspection before an appointment can be made).

Basic Tune-up

- Wheels trued laterally and tires inflated

- Shifting mechanisms tuned and chain lubricated

- Braking systems tuned

- Bearings adjusted for proper performance

- Light frame cleaning

- All fasteners checked for proper torque

Better Tune-up

- Wheels trued for lateral, radial, dish and even tension, tires inflated

- Derailleurs, chain, cassette, and crankset thoroughly cleaned and re-lubricated (parts washer service)

- Braking systems thoroughly cleaned and re-lubricated

- Bearings adjusted for proper performance and wheel bearings greased

- Cables lubricated with specially formulated cable grease

- Detailed frame cleaning and polishing

- All fasteners checked for proper torque


- In this service the bicycle is taken down to bare frame. All parts are cleaned to the highest level and polished. All the bearings are serviced and in the case of loose ball bearing systems, replaced.

We offer a large range of services to meet the needs of the rider, so please call about specific services and we can help figure out what fits best with your bicycling needs.