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New Bikes Coming 08/19/11

posted Aug 8, 2011, 1:31 PM by hello bicycle
There are plenty of new bikes coming into stock in just one week from today... here is a list that includes most of them:

Ventura Sport Femme    51     Gloss Black    
Ventura Comp        56     Pearl White
Ventura Comp        54     Pearl White
Coda Sport Femme    18     Monterey Blue
Commuter 2    17     Black Forest
Commuter 2    17     Midnight Blue 
Bosa Nova    54     Black Pearl/White
Bosa Nova    56     Black Pearl/White

X.24        12 x 24     Ano Black/Ano Grey
X.24        12 x 24     Victory Blue   
Capri 2.4    12 x 24     Seafoam 
Laser 2.0    10 x 20     Monterey Red  
Capri 2.0    10 x 20     Lavender Pearl  
Laser 1.6    8x16     Victory Blue 
Laser 1.6    8x16     Electric Green
Hot Rod        8x12     Pearl White

Our inventory list will be updated when they arrive. We expect to sell a few of them within the first week so if you see something you think you want don't delay too much. Many of these will no longer be available until the 2012 model year many months from now...!